Transition Coaching

Transition coaching is part of our mentoring services. It is used when a member of staff is promoted to a senior position or has changed roles within your organisation. When there is a shift or increase in an employee’s responsibilities, they often require a bit of assistance growing and meeting their new key objectives.

While internal promotions are wonderful, they bring up certain issues that should not be overlooked. For example an outstanding operational employee is likely to have difficulty shifting into a more senior position that requires management skills. In this scenario, BizAdvice would assess this employee’s prior experience, identify the areas they need help with, and assist appropriately through our transition coaching. The level of assistance required for each candidate can vary significantly depending on their personality, management type, prior theoretical or academic training, and work/life experience applicable to the role.

Up to 40% of new executive appointments do not last longer than 12 months. This is largely due to the fact that these people are not receiving adequate access to support during this changeover. Whether you have noticed a particular pattern within your organisation, or simply wish to ensure that your next appointment is successful, we can help. Our success is measured both on the retention and success of the candidate in their new role, and on their own feedback.

BizAdvice offers an expert support program to ensure your senior employees do not fail once promoted. Typically we will start off with a 2 hour session with the newly appointed employee. From there we will hold a 2 hour coaching session, once a month for a 3 month period until the employee is ready to tackle and conquer his or her new position. This allows them to focus on the issues they feel the need to work on, as well as opportunities for improvement identified by us.

Please call us for more information regarding our transition coaching services. We can also provide you with a complimentary obligation-free quote.