Gary J

I’ve worked with Patrick for over 10 years and he is a fine financial analyst and business strategist.

Michael P

Patrick Bell is a sound, strategic thinker, good networker, who is quick to respond.

Michael T

Patrick has a wealth of experience with tools and strategies to help you reach your goals, develop you skill set and manage your time and do your job effectively as a leader.

Ian M

Garry Thomas, former CEO and Managing Director has provided great depth of knowledge and valuable advice as a member of the steering committee oversseeing the operation of the Australian Apprenticeship Training Information Service” Industry Training Services, Canberra ACT.

Chris S

Garry Thomas was appointed lead evaluator in a trial of the Business Excellence criteria for public and private Registered Training Organisations. Garry provided outstanding leadership in the trial’s development, evaluation and overall success. Chris Stewart, TVET AUSTRALIA, Australian government

Michael F

Garry Thomas, Former CEO of MAS Administration Services and Managing Director of Acuto is a strong advocate for achieving business success at difficult times and on difficult projects. He is a High quality strategic thinker. Michael Francis, Chairman, Process Plus, Melbourne Vic

Marcus W

During a period of major change for the Coles Group, Garry Thomas developed an innovative and cost effective solution to the overall management and training administration  of our apprentice butcher, bakers and mechanics on a national basis” Marcus Whitelaw, COLES GROUP, Melbourne Victoria

Marc W

Over the last 4 years Garry Thomas has demonstrated unique expertise in identifying strategic solutions to  complex administration and an understanding of the effectiveness of new technology in providing streamlined, cost effective IT  approaches.  Garry assisted JobReady in the preparation and presentation of a successful proposal to replace a state government ‘s legacy VET data system. Acuto excels in administrative and business process solutions in the Employment and Training  Sectors. Marc Washbourne, Managing Director, JobReady, Sydney NSW

Paul T

In early 2012, the Australian Foundation for Disability (AFFORD) contracted Garry Thomas to assist  us prepare our business plan and tender for the Disability Employment Service contract. Garry came to AFFORD highly recommended by a number of his peers in the employment services industry. From the first introduction, Garry’s knowledge of the business, attention to detail and ability to conceptualise our “modus operandi” were evident. Garry’s skills were obvious from the outset. He guided our team to ensure we provided the required information which he rapidly “massaged” into a very well-structured, informative and ultimately, very successful offer. Paul Thomas, Australian Foundation for Disability (AFFORD), Sydney NSW

Tarun A

We, at Aerry Tax and Accounting, have found their advice to be very practical and on target. Their consultant Mr. Patrick Bell has exceeded every expectation of our requirements from Bizadvice. Mr. Patrick Bell’s passion has inspired us as individuals and as a business to know more and do more to reach our fullest potential. His ideas for making complex issues easy to understand, and his advice in our business and relationship building have been instrumental in the success of our business.”

Mike T

I knew I needed the expertise and guidance of an experienced mentor and business coach when I was appointed as General Manager and was required to open, staff and operate a new office located in Sydney. Patrick was recommended to me from a CEO/ Managing Director of a global firm here in Australia, Patrick immediately inspired me and motivated me, working well with Patrick is attributed to a very good connection between him as the coach / mentor and me on a very personable level. I was worried that I would not make the big bang required in the first 90 days of my promotion, Patrick is very well versed in this situation and knows how to lead and clearly guide you through that period. Patrick has a wealth of experience with tools and strategies to help you reach your goals, develop you skill set and manage your time and do your job effectively as a leader. I initially didn’t understand or comprehend the need for an executive coach. But as the old adage goes, “you don’t know what you don’t know”. Patrick gave me a different point of view. With his help, I was able to recognize where I could improve myself and hot the ground running and continue you with a high level of confidence and produce great work.