How healthy is your business and what is its prognosis?

MethodologyBizAdvice No business should ever stand still. It must continue to evolve and innovate if it is to compete effectively in the future. Like the spokes of a wheel all of the business drivers must be balanced equally so your business can progress along its path as smoothly as possible. For the company wheel to turn at all it must be financially viable. Determining viability is about much more than forensic analysis of balance sheets; it’s about market intelligence, accurate forecasting, and of course the human factor.

As part of an initial scoping interview, your BizAdvice mentor will explore with you which spokes require attention. Not all weaknesses are just inevitable parts of doing business; there is always room for improvement, and you may be surprised at the difference that can be made. We will tailor an appropriate mentoring or coaching program adapted to your priorities and personal style, no matter the nature of your business or its location. We don’t offer any standardised courses; our mentoring is a results-based service where success is measured upon getting your organisation to meet set benchmarks.

The success you want for your organisation doesn’t have to be a dream. Turn it into a real goal with the help of a BizAdvice mentor.

The diagram opposite depicts the BizAdvice methodology to prepare the right mentoring program for you.

Our Mentoring Methodology empowers you and your staff

  • Is the mentoring program for you personally or for a talented manager requiring guidance and coaching?
  • Do you prefer informal strategic discussions and then develop your own action plan – bouncing ideas off your mentor?
  • Would you like to engage your team through a facilitated strategic workshop?
  • Would you like regular report cards on progress and success?

You deserve a personalised mentoring service that drives real results and cultural change in your business.

Contact BizAdvice and one of our Senior Associates will meet with you for a preliminary discussion. You will be amazed how easy it is to gain a clean bill of health with a mentor at your side.