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It’s more than your company, it’s your livelihood and passion, and you’ve brought it to where it is today. There’s been risk-taking, and there’s been long hours. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone alongside you – someone who’s on your side and there to help?

That’s where BizAdvice come in. Our business mentoring service is structured so that we can work with you to cover all the bases. We don’t employ a text book approach as each organisation and its challenges are individual. Running an SME requires that you fulfil a multitude of skills, from HR management all the way through to stock control and customer service. At BizAdvice we understand; we’ve worked with a multitude of companies as a business mentor and know the common difficulties associated with keeping an organisation running.

Our mentors

Each BizAdvice business mentor has extensive experience. We are skilled coaches, with a passion for entrepreneurship and enterprise, and the determination to help you succeed.  Whether you are a small start-up, or hold plans to expand your existing operations, engaging with a BizAdvice business mentor can set in motion or re-energise your plans, providing you with instant access to candid advice and expert knowledge. We proffer our own extensive experience, weighing caution against potential pitfalls, helping you see the bigger picture and strengthening your confidence in your own abilities.

Our small business mentoring service

During our initial visit we will stimulate your thinking by brainstorming your ideas. We will consequently determine your goals, your past business journey, where you are at now and where you want to be in the future. We will also conduct a forensic review of your accounts and balance sheet for the past three years. From this information we begin putting a strategy together in order to move forward with your mentoring.

Our small business mentoring program continues with us reviewing your entire operation in conjunction with yourself. A report will be presented on our findings which will be discussed in great detail. Objectives will be attained and goals will be established. Our small business mentoring in Melbourne consistently works with you to rectify any problems and scout for opportunities.

What to expect

The initial evaluation normally requires one or two sessions lasting approximately one hour per session. Once we have established issues and opportunities, we find that a 1 1/2 hour session per month with your business mentor is enough. Once things are moving, we convert to a meeting every 2-3 months of one to two-hours to discuss and monitor the movement forward.

BizAdvice provides business mentoring in Melbourne that’s designed to motivate, support and guide entrepreneurs and directors to conquer life’s personal and professional challenges. To speak to a business mentor about your plans and goals.